About Claire Creighton

Claire’s childhood was populated with unexplained feelings and experiences that she assumed others felt too. It was only when she was a teenager that she began to realise that not everyone had these experiences.

When she moved to the UK in the 90’s these experiences became more intense and more frequent so much so that she enrolled in a course at the College of Psychic Studies to help her understand, and not fear, these experiences which were beginning to frighten her.

Here she found like-minded people where she began learning in earnest. “Often what happens is that people don’t want to open up to their abilities because of their fear of the unknown. Doing these courses familiarised me with the spirit world.”

Following the initial introduction to the psychic world, Claire enrolled in many different spiritual training courses and workshops, learning from the world’s most renowned spiritual, psychic and medium teachers such as Gordon Smith, Richard Lawrence, Sue Allen, Julie Soskin and Avril Price.

She studied through the College of Psychic Studies in London, the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and the School of Insight and Intuition in London.

Claire began working part time as a medium and psychic in the UK in 2005.

In 2009 she underwent a spontaneous spiritual shamanic initiation which led her towards learning about classical shamanism.  Her first training course was with The Sacred Trust in London, learning “The Shamans Pathway” with Simon Buxton. She then trained and qualified as a shamanic healer through Second Sight Healing in the UK.

She began working as a shamanic healer in 2011.

Following a strong calling of the spirit, Claire moved back to her native roots in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012 where she has a private one-to-one practice in Capri Village, near Fish Hoek. She teaches Shamanic courses and workshops as well as Live with Purpose courses and workshops with the School of Intuition and Healing. She holds Heart meditation courses and workshops too, called Surrendering into the Heart. She runs online courses too, and sells her meditations online.

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