Ancestral Healing by Claire Creighton

Quite often when a person has done a lot of releasing and healing in this life but finds that something is still unable to shift no matter how much they have done to let it go, it may be something that is held with an ancestor or ancestors.

If a person is repeating these negative patterns (or blocks) of the ancestors, it would have been an agreement that they continue this “theme” on behalf of the ancestor until it is eventually released from the blood-line. We are thereby given the opportunity to work through and release this fear or block for ourselves, the ancestor, and future generations, affecting the past, the present, and the future.

(Please note that a person might not be repeating these fears or trauma in order for an ancestral healing to take place – the person could be a distant observer to the ancestor – however it is more likely that the person is aligned to, and repeating, the ancestor’s fear or trauma.)