Vibrational Alignment Private Sessions, Cape Town

Claire has created a four week Vibrational Alignment package which incorporates Law of Attraction processes, Future Life Progression, Inner Child Integration and Shamanic Power Retrieval.

Due to popular demand, these one-to-one sessions have been created from the Vibrational Alignment courses that Claire teaches.

Everything we desire in our life is already available to us; we just need to know what it is we desire, access any core fear/s that may be blocking the pathway to that desire, release the disempowering fear/s, and then merge with that future desire.

See the outline here:
  • Session 1: Intention setting
  • Session 2: Meet with Future Self and unlock the fear/s preventing you from experiencing that desired outcome
  • Session 3: Meet with your Inner Child to release that fear/s and merge with your Inner Child
  • Session 4: Meet with Future Self to merge with them and receive a power symbol as well as advice and guidance on how to live your purpose and desire

COST: R3,000 for four sessions. Each session is 60 minutes.