POWER ANIMAL: Meet and merge with your Power Animal

(Meet your power animal, learn what your power is in the world and how you can use it, merge with your power animal) 22 minutes £10 / R100

SPIRIT GUIDE: Meet your Spirit Guide and get answers

(Meet your spirit guide, receive healing from them, get knowledge from them to help you in your life with a particular question) 22 minutes £10 / R100

RISE AND SHINE: Get ready for a wonderful day ahead

(Let go of the nights dreaming, connect with yourself, visualise your day ahead, merge with power and vitality) 8 minutes £5 / R50

GOOD NIGHT: Get ready for a peaceful sleep (Let go of the past day, connect with yourself, think of any question you want answered in your nights sleeping, merge with love, light and peace) 8 minutes £5 / R50

LOVE: Open your heart to give and receive love (Connect with your heart, give and receive unconditional love) 8 minutes £5 / R50

*Special: buy five and get £5 / R50 discount.

How to purchase:

1. Email your order to, stating the meditation/s you want.

2. We will send you the banking details for payment.

3. Once payment is received we will send you the meditation/s.

Enjoy the meditations!! 🙂