Intuition for Therapists

This course is held for four weeks at a time, on a Friday morning from 10am – 11.30am. It is  open to anyone working with clients in a professional healing capacity or studying towards this (i.e. Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, Masseurs, Energy Healers, Kinesiologistsetc).

Each week we focus on different techniques designed to help us connect with, and TRUST, our intuition when working with clients.

As a general outline, we cover:
– Different psychic senses
– How to receive messages from our own energy body through our psychic senses
– How to keep our energy body clear
– How to hear with your senses
– How to ask clear questions for clear answers
– How to use different tools to help you connect to your intuition (psychometry, scrying, cards, energy reading)
– In the last week you share your own modality using the skills you have learned in this course

There is a lot of channelled teaching as well as experiential work.

Cost: R500

This course is held three times during the year.
Next Course: Date to be Confirmed
Next Course: Date to be Confirmed
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