Chakra Meditation Course

These 8 Week Courses are held in Cape Town, South Africa

This eight week Chakra Meditation Journey is held by various tutors around the Western Cape. Each tutor has been trained by Claire Creighton, who developed the course.

This course is dedicated to accessing, opening, cleansing and clearing the seven main chakras of the body, thereby deepening our connection to, and understanding of, ourselves as well as the earth below and sky above. Clearing our energetic channel can help us to feel more grounded, balanced and connected to ourselves as well as to earth and spirit.

We do this through guided meditations and practical exercises. We also talk about movement, nutrition and alternative ways to support the chakra system. Each week we focus on a different chakra.

Inspired Pathways supplies the delicious Chakra Teas each week, specific to each chakra.

The following themes are covered each week:
  • Week 1 ~ Root (grounding, safety, security, finances, tribe, home, sexuality)
  • Week 2 ~ Sacral (flow, flexibility, release, sensuality, creativity)
  • Week 3 ~ Solar Plexus (power, control, courage, action)
  • Week 4 ~ Heart (unconditional love)
  • Week 5 ~ Throat (expression, communication, speaking your truth)
  • Week 6 ~ Third Eye (intuition, knowing, seeing, dreaming)
  • Week 7 ~ Crown (wisdom, connection to spirit, timeless, weightless)
Next Course: Date to be Confirmed
Next Course: Date to be Confirmed
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No previous experience is necessary, however a little understanding of the seven main chakras would be advantageous.

Please see the list of tutors and their course dates and venues here.

Should you wish to apply to become a tutor of this course, please contact Claire on 076 8995192 or

Some testimonials:

“Thank you once again for an inspirational 8 week experience that gently facilitated the process of getting to know myself a little better through the Divine Light and Love that guides me.” Mandy-Anne (November 2013)
“This course has helped me to connect with spirit in profound ways. Chakra meditations have been amazing in unblocking emotional blocks that have been with me from childhood. I recommend this wonderful course with Claire who I found was a true light of Spirit.” Natalie (March 2013)
“A wonderful course, very well led and interesting.Exceeded my expectations.” Sajida (February 2011)