Shamanic Journeying and Spiritual Development Day

Diving deep into your power and purpose in the world

Saturday 10 November 2018

10am – 430pm


R1,000 (includes a cooked lunch) or R500 for anyone returning who has previously done this workshop


This is a deep and experiential day for anyone wanting to expand their practical experience and theoretical understanding of the spirit world, as well as understand what their purpose and power is in the world and how to manifest it.

In this workshop you will learn about two different realms of the spiritual world – the upper world beyond the sky of Light, Angels and Spirit Guides and the lower world beyond the earth of Shadow, Animals/Elementals and Ancestors.

We will cover the theory of these two worlds as well as practical application for inter-dimensional travel.

You will learn how to:

  • Connect with your spirit guides both in the Upper world as well as the Lower world
  • Travel to different spiritual realms in a safe way (guided visualisations and shamanic journeying)
  • Go on a shamanic journey
  • Become a conscious dreamer
  • Bring back messages from the spiritual world
  • Gain spiritual knowledge, insight and healing for yourself in particular to do with your power and purpose
  • Develop your psychic abilities

Throughout the day we will work with the themes of POWER and PURPOSE and your relationship with  these themes within your own life.

This is not a day for someone just starting out on their journey of the spiritual, metaphysical, psychic or self development world.  Anyone wishing to join us on this day must have previous experience of at least one of the following: energy management / psychic development / mediumship / shamanic journeying / inter dimensional travel / working with spiritual energy or a mixture of all of these.  Please contact me if you wish to further clarify the pre-requisites.

If this day interests you, please email me on or whatsapp/call me on 076 8995192.

It is a a super heart opening day of healing, insights, connection and spiritual expansion xx


“The course was very, very informative and I enjoyed this workshop and meeting like-minded people.  Claire with her drumming beats was new for me, and I Loved IT!! Meeting the Lower World was also interesting for me, and this has given me new perspective of how vast Our Beautiful Universe actually is!!” (Alicia, August 2018)

I loved the sacred space she created, I really felt that strongly. It made it feel like we were at home.  I enjoyed learning and exploring in a safe manner, deepening my understanding and gaining metaphysical knowledge from someone that has loads to offer.” (Megan, August 2018)

Great structure and facilitation, expertly led! Good balance of theory and practical exercises and  lovely group energy.” (Nina, May 2018)

A wonderful introduction to connecting above and below. I loved the journey to the underworld and got amazing insights. Claire imparts her experiences and wisdom with love and enthusiasm, creating a safe space to explore the new.“ (Janine, May 2018)

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Claire is great! This workshop is lovely and I learned a lot about the different worlds. Thank you.“ (Lynn-Rae, May 2018)

Next Date: 10 November 2018
Next Course: Saturday 10 November 2018
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“Very comprehensive and well facilitated by Claire. A strong sense of integrity and knowledge was shown by Claire. Highly recommended.” Carol (July 2013)
“The first of this kind to have joined (shamanic workshop) and enjoyed it immensely. Claire is a great tutor with a great way at bringing information across. I learned so much. Thank you!” Ananda (May 2013)
“I am in such thanks and gratitude that I have had the opportunity. I walk away a different person. The circle has been amazing.” Suzanne (March 2013)