“This is your life” monthly meet ups

Date: Third Thursday of every month
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Wynberg

It is my dream to build a community who play and work hard at creating and living their hearts true desires. I really hope that we can come together monthly to create our stories, and respectfully witness the stories of those around us.

Can you imagine creating your own life story, living the life that your dear soul desires, and looking back on your life with a feeling of pride and joy?

If you can imagine it, then you can have it.

Our outward story aligns to our thoughts, our words and our actions and therefore to remain aligned to our desired story we must keep a check on what we are thinking, what we are saying and what we are doing.  Whenever a part of our life becomes misaligned we must reflect on our thoughts, words or actions associated with that story, and bring them back into alignment. We must always remember that our outer world reflects our inner world, and not the other way around.

These monthly meet ups are a space for you to create, remain aligned to, and live the life that your soul desires.

In order to birth our story we must bring the spirit of the story into the physical, working from light (non physical) to earth (physical).

We will do this at the monthly meet ups: Meditation (Connecting with Light and your Soul), Imagination (Imagine your story), Speaking (Speak your story), Loving (Love your story), Acting (Action list for your story), Committing (Commitment to, and others witnessing, your story).

We will work with shamanism and law of attraction.  There will be group sharing as well as time on your own.

No previous experience is necessary; however a respect for the spiritual world is necessary.

Each meet up is held on the third Thursday of every month at 7pm – 9pm. All the dates are below. Costs are as follows:

One Thursday:                  R250

Three Thursdays:             R675 (R225 per meet up)

Six Thursdays:                   R1,200 (R200 per meet up)

Ten Thursdays:                 R1,750 (R175 per meet up)

Please contact me if you are concerned about payment.

Dates are:

16 February

16 March

20 April

18 May

15 June

20 July

17 August

21 September

19 October

16 November

Please note that whilst you may receive helpful insights and guidance in these groups, and you may experience positive shifts and healing this is not a therapy or healing group.   Those wishing to seek further therapy or healing can speak to me outside of this space.

We will do this at the monthly meet ups:
Next Course: Thursday 20 July 2017
Next Course: Thursday 20 July 2017
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Meditation (Connecting with Light and your Soul)

Imagination (Imagine your story)

Speaking (Speak your story)

Loving (Love your story)

Acting (Action list for your story)

Committing (Commitment to, and others witnessing, your story)

We will work with shamanism and law of attraction.  There will be group sharing as well as time on your own.

“Conscious creating is the divine merging of the masculine and feminine. We first need to become aware of what we want and take appropriate actions to get it (masculine), and then we are required to let it go and open ourselves up to receiving it (feminine).”